Peyton City Series by E.A. Reynolds (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

By | November 7, 2016

Peyton City Series by E.A. Reynolds (.ePUB)(.MOBI) Ebook

Free ebook download Peyton City Series by E.A. Reynolds (.ePUB)(.MOBI) for your mobile devices, mac, or pc. Peyton City Series is a romance ebook.

Book #1: A Panther’s Bite.
Keenan Tatum is a public relations specialist and he’s just been assigned to work a big account. There’s only one problem. Keenan is in lust with the man he’s going to be working with and Dalton McCall doesn’t really seem to care that he’s alive.
Dalton is a black panther lost in the scent of his mate, but he doesn’t want to make a move too soon because once he does there will be no holding the panther back. The animal will claim his mate without preamble, but Dalton fears Keenan will reject the panther.
Then, Keenan overhears a murder and becomes a target, forcing Dalton to put his heart on the line at all emotional costs. As he does his mating dance, Dalton is drawn deeper into the deadly conspiracy his mate stumbled into. However, the ferocious panther has no intentions of allowing himself or his mate to become victims of their deadly foe.

Book #2: A Panther’s Kiss
Jordan knows Jamar is his mate, but he must proceed with caution as long as Jamar is interested in another man. The black panther will kill anyone who attempts to get between him and his mate, especially when that mate is one of the elusive white panthers. Jamar is attracted to Jordan, but he’s holding back because he knows once he gives himself to Jordan there will be no going back. Then fate effectively ends Jamar’s chances of dating the man who fascinates him and lands Jamar in Jordan’s care. In such close quarters, the pent-up desire between Jordan and Jamar explodes in a moment of passion that forever binds them. While Jordan and Jamar’s relationship intensifies, the panther’s enemies, the lions, plan a coup that is going to change the panther’s pride, but Jordan will fight to the death to ensure the lions never take Jamar from him

Book #3: Caressed by a Wolf.
He was only a minor player in the battle between the lions and the panthers, but a minor skirmish almost cost Taylan Marshall his life. He wakes with no memory of what he was trying to accomplish, but he does remember the man who’d stolen his heart.
Collen Pane knows the battle with the lions will come down to a war of attrition, and he might lose people he loves. Then, he almost loses the man he loves. As Collen tries to rebuild his relationship with Taylan, he discovers Taylan isn’t just his mate, but a lover with secrets that could turn the tide of the war.
As each secret is revealed, their love strengthens into an unbreakable bond that heals Taylan’s wounded heart. Then, the enemy puts its master plan into action, and Collen leads the panthers in a counter move of destruction. When the two courses collide, who will be left standing?

Book #4: The Alpha’s Mate.
Valentine Voss wasn’t looking for love, but it slams into him hard and fast during a time of conflict that is tearing his people apart. Voss can claim Colby and expose him to even more danger than he’s in already or enjoy him as a lover.
Colby Summers is a snow panther, and an undercover agent for the Order. When he meets Voss everything inside him recognizes the alpha as his. Colby knows what it’s like to fight for survival, now he’s ready to put his heart on the line and claim the one man that was made for him.
Around them the enemy plots to destroy their race with a deadly toxin. With death just a heartbeat away and love a searing brand on his soul, Colby’s willing to risk everything to unlock the secrets of his past that hold the cure to save the future for his mate.

Book #5: Wildcat Heat.
Jessup Stone is a wildcat struggling with his pride’s refusal to accept him as a gay man. At the same time, he’s looking for love at Interracial Heat dating service. His last few dates were nothing special but this one blows him away.
Brady Lawry isn’t really looking for love, but he’s not opposed to finding it. However, he’s certain that new love won’t be an ex-baseball player. The last thing he wants is a macho man—that’s his job. But the heat of the wildcat burns away his defenses.
Jesse is walking on air until he witness a murder that turns his life upside down. Suddenly thrown head first into a conspiracy, he’s worried this will put a kink in his romantic life, but the danger only draws him and Brady into their own personal firestorm of emotion that leaves him breathless. One wrong move could leave him mated that’s only if they both survive the killer’s games.

Book #6: The White Panther’s Claim.
Separating his work from his romantic life has never been a problem for white panther Jarell Garrett, but when he gets pregnant by a man he hardly knows, he decides the man has a right to know. But his plan goes awry when Jarell’s boss assigns Jarell to a new case.
Ryan Nichols was content working pride security, but he’s suddenly forced to work with the FBI. Ryan isn’t happy working with human law enforcement, but he’s pissed off when he learns the man he’s recently mated is a cop working against Ryan’s pride.
Feeling betrayed, Ryan isn’t in any hurry to accept him as a mate, but Jarell isn’t about to allow
Ryan to get away. As the case heats up, it strips both men down to the desire simmering inside them. And when a white panther catches fire, nothing can stop him from claiming his mate.

Book #7: Strength of a Wildcat’s Love.
The changes that brought Craven back home made him a little angry, but he’s settling in even as he accepts his responsibilities to finish raising his teen sister. However, his pride’s rigid stance on gay men has left him lonely, until business brings him face-to-face with one of his mates.
Ellis knows something is missing from his life, and he knows it’s his second mate. When he meets Craven, it’s clear he’s found the missing puzzle piece. However, he knows things won’t be as simple as introducing his panther mate to his wildcat mate, but a seemingly innocuous yet near fatal prank
forces Craven and Kin to connect instantly.
As their bond strengthens, the danger stalking Craven and his younger sister creates a bond between Ellis and his mates that is titanium strong. This ensures Ellis will do anything to protect his new family and defeat the darkness threatening to separate them.

Book #8: A Lynx’s Redemption.
Taylor has come home to catch a killer. However, he has no plans to make his home in the Whispering Willow pride where gay men are shunned. But he never expected to meet the sexy head of security for the pride,Braden Pawly, either. There isn’t a thing about Braden that doesn’t make Taylor hot and eager to lay claim to this sexy man.
Braden has accepted the loss of his family. He knows he’s doomed to live alone with the possibility of never meeting his mate, but he’s also tired of being alone. Taylor breezes into his life and makes his heart go pitter patter, but in gay relationships are forbidden in his pride. He could lose everything, but there is nothing he won’t risk to have Taylor in his life.
However, the killer Taylor is tracking will do any

Book #9: That Damn Cat.
Jarrett Reagent is a love-’em-and-leave-’em kind of guy, but Ryder Beck isn’t about to let him just walk out. That is something Jarrett doesn’t understand. After all, he doesn’t have anything but his money to offer. His heart isn’t easily touched, but Ryder’s gaze warms him to his soul, and that leaves him shaking in his shoes.
Ryder falls for Jarrett in a heartbeat and is eager to claim him, but Jarrett, a wildcat-panther mix, is resisting fate. However, even a white panther has his limits, and Ryder isn’t willing to keep making a fool of himself over a man determined to push him away.
So, Jarrett has a choice to make. He can ignore his feelings for Ryder and remain unmated, or he can let his heart take the lead.

Book #10: A Snow Wolf’s Brand.
Cayson wasn’t content with the status quo of dating women, but wolves weren’t gay. So he wasn’t going to be the first to come out. Then his alpha is killed and Cayson is forced to work with Lachlan, an infuriating panther who sets his blood on fire. Fear keeps Cayson quiet at first, but mating heat surges through him, and his wolf demands to be near Lachlan, leaving Cayson only one choice. He has to go on the prowl for his mate.
Lachlan was warned off the younger wolf, and he acquiesces, knowing Cayson is a virgin. Besides that, he has a case to solve—but his panther hungers for its mate. There is only so long Lachlan can resist Cayson and fight his own animal.
As circumstances continue to pull them together, and Cayson’s wolf refuses to be denied, Lachlan is left with one choice. He has to claim his mate.

Book #11: Poison and Wildcat Passion.
Saxon came to Peyton City to catch a criminal, but he didn’t expect his mate to be that criminal. He also didn’t expect his mate to have ties to the infamous Circle of Steel. Torn, he has a choice to make: prove his mate is innocent, or break his oath to The Order.
Kian knows Saxon is his mate, but he’s not about to betray those he cares for. So he decides it’s best to resist the mating tug since once he mates with Saxon, Saxon has his loyalty first and all others second.
But both men are in a race against time, as the Circle’s diabolical plan to bring down The Order threatens to destroy not just one pride, but two, killing many in the process. To prevent the immediate destruction, Kian and Saxon must join forces. An enemy plotting to kill Kian wtih deadly poisons collides with sizzling wildcat passion. Only one can come away the winner.

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