The Edge of Forever Series by D.C. Gambel

By | April 16, 2018

The Edge of Forever Series by D.C. Gambel (.ePUB) Ebook

Free ebook download The Edge of Forever Series by D.C. Gambel (.ePUB) for your mobile devices, mac, or pc. The Edge of Forever Series is a romance ebook.

2. Blood Ties – Gabriella’s love for Grayson has transcended race, reason, and blood. With Anton dead, nothing stand in their way of being together, until they realize Grayson’s transition was far from conventional.
Gabriella’s hunt for answers leads her to someone she never thought she’d meet. Her father, The First Vampire.
The meeting puts a strain on her and Grayson in the form of a fallen angel named Sebastian. Gabriella fights the drawl towards him, but will her willpower be enough to win against the fatal attraction?

3. The Return – With her world in shambles, Gabriella is lost. Her life turns into a lie in order to give others hope that she herself is desperate to hang on to. The path she’s on brings her closer to Sebastian who she clings to in order to feel something other than the emptiness that threatens to consume her. When she finally begins to come to terms with the new path she’s on, things take an expected twist when someone from her past returns and spins her world upside down once more.

4. The Prophecy – Gabriella Carmichael never anticipated pregnancy so early in her relationship with her true love, Grayson Alexander.
She learns sharing this news isn’t as joyous as it ought to be.
After Sebastian informs her that the child she carries is one from a long forgotten Prophecy, the men in her life do everything in their power to keep her and the impending bundle safe.
The powers of good and evil work against her in order to stop the child from being born. Little does she know that the safest of the baby comes at a steep price.

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